Meet Our Trainers

Aaron Roderick


 B.S. Health and Physical Education – East Stroudsburg University (CPT Cert? Specialty Certs?)

Favorite Fitness Activity:

 I love to do a variety of strength training and interval based training, my favorite is when incorporating bands both with upper and lower body workouts. 

Justina Pearson


I’m 36 yrs. old & mom to six children. I’ve had 7 surgeries. Back surgery for Scoliosis, 5 C-sections, & hernia repair. Growing up I was always fit & into sports, such as football, baseball, basketball, & roller hockey. I’ve been a certified personal trainer for, 4 years. I specialize in lower body, helping women & men lose weight & become stronger. There’s more to lower body then people tend to think. Number 1 it’s not just for women, 2 most men don’t work lower body enough, & 3 even though you’re working legs you are still incorporating other areas of your body. By incorporating my training style I’ve had great results with my clients, from lifting/ toning, adding muscle, & losing weight. Women learn to build their curves naturally & men aren’t as afraid of a solid leg day : )