Thank you, Steel Fitness

A little over a year ago, I was a ‘big boy’ shall we say, and not only was I a huge ball of weakness, there were lots of issues… couldn’t walk a half-block slightly uphill without stopping, forget finding clothes that fit, on three medications for blood pressure, etc. And with chest pains and other telling symptoms, I knew full-well that a heart attack or stroke was right around the corner. Also, I was about to turn 60, so youth was and is not on my side. Even though I’ve had a mostly athletic life, getting up the courage to step back into the gym after a long hiatus was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, but one of the absolute best! After attending another gym for a short while, I came to Steel Fitness since it’s literally a 6-minute walk from my house (when I first started it was more like 10-12 minutes). Since I knew I needed serious help, I asked for a personal trainer right off, and I started with Cisco… I was already scared to death, so his rather serious and somewhat intimidating demeanor scared me even more, but immediately got my attention. It was exactly that serious and no-nonsense approach of his that I quickly learned to admire, appreciate, depend on, and trust. I’ve met with Cisco once a week to do things I never knew a body could do – I mean, THIS body. He’s pushed, and even though at times I thought he was for real killing me, I now know that he has never once asked for more than I could do. And that takes SKILL and KNOW-HOW, folks! Yes, I’ve done the work, that’s included attending his incredibly exhausting and invigorating classes 2 or 3 times a week. And, yes, I do Hot Yoga classes elsewhere when I feel the need. But it has been Cisco’s guidance, encouragement, and mental reminders, his amazing and inspiring passion about what he’s doing and what he’s about, and his persistence (even gentle at times) that has helped me shed over 100 pounds via consistent full-body workouts and ‘creative’ strength training. This coaching has also helped me completely overhaul my diet and reduce the BMI number significantly and has made me feel strong and healthy again. This has gradually changed my whole outlook on life… rather than thinking I might die at any moment because my body would simply give up, I’m now thinking I might live past tomorrow, and maybe into next week or even much longer, and actually enjoy it. That’s an amazing gift if you think about it. Thank you, Cisco! Thank you, Steel Fitness!

Stephen Williams
Steel Fitness Riverport Member 

50lbs down!

I come from France and I have been training in Steel Fitness Riverport since July 2018. At the beginning of my weight loss journey in France in 2016, I was seeing on the internet lots of before/after pictures and I was always wondering if I could do such a transformation. Thus, I decided to change lifestyle. I thought that results would naturally come if I acquire good habits. So instead of stressing myself with weight goals and following a crazy diet for a few months with the risk of gaining everything back; I progressively learned to come regularly to the gym and eat healthier food. This led to a loss of 30 lbs in a year as well as the improvement of the quality of my life. Climbing the stairs, walking, attaching my shoes was easier. I started personal training with Aaron in October 2018 and I can say that the results were spectacular. The intensity of the workouts as well as the programs he writes me each week helped me lose 50 lbs in less than one year! I became physically stronger and I’m able to do exercises like pushups and running that I thought I would never be able to do. I’m still a work in progress but I’m pleased to have my own before/after picture as I’ve lost a total of 80 lbs. I look forward to make my transformation even more impressive.

Larissa Socrier
Steel Fitness Riverport Member

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